Gov’t exemptions for ZUS social security: anti-crisis shield

From May 4, entrepreneurs from specific industries will be able to apply for exemption from paying contributions also for March and April 2021. The Social Insurance Institution reminds that it will still be possible to get exemptions for December 2020, January, and also for February 2021 if the new specified conditions will be met.

Pursuant to the regulations, the aid will be available to entrepreneurs who have felt the negative effects of COVID-19 in Poland. These are 46 industries that have already received assistance and 17 other types of activity, including: beauty salons, hairdressing salons, furniture stores, construction stores and retail stores in shopping malls.

Entrepreneurs who operated before November 2020 and who, as at March 31, 2021, conducted predominant activity marked with one of the PKD codes indicated in the regulation, will be able to apply for support.

Entrepreneurs will also be exempt from contributions for March and April. They will be able to submit applications in this matter from May 4 – via the Electronic Services Platform of the Social Insurance Institution.

The cancellation of contributions and repeated stays from ZUS are available to companies that have recorded a decrease in income by at least 40%. This condition is verified by comparing the income in one of the two months preceding the submission of the application to the income from the previous month or the corresponding month of the previous year, or from February 2020 or September 2020. The novelty here is the possibility of comparing the income to the situation February 2020, which is the period before the pandemic.

In order to receive an exemption from contributions also for March and April, the entrepreneur must submit an application to the Social Insurance Institution by the end of June. If the company is obliged to prepare its own billing documentation, it must also provide the billing documents for March and April within this period. Entrepreneurs who have already paid their contributions for these months will be able to get them back.


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