ZUS: first exemptions from paying contributions for school shops

In the amount of about 300 thousand. ZUS exempted entrepreneurs running school shops from paying contributions. As part of the downtime benefit, over 700,000 jobs were delivered to such companies. PLN in contributions – the Social Insurance Institution informed PAP on Wednesday.

The amendment to the anti-crisis shield provides for support for entrepreneurs who sell food, paper and stationery in educational units. Although their activities were formally not subject to restrictions, due to the closure of schools, they were severely affected by the effects of the lockdown.

Entrepreneurs running school shops can also obtain a parking allowance as many times as in how many months they recorded a decrease in revenues by at least 40%. A maximum of ZUS will pay the parking benefit five times in the amount of PLN 2,080. You will need to submit an RSP-SK application to receive the benefit.

Agata Wiśniewska-Półtorak, director of the Income Realization Department of the Social Insurance Institution, points out that the interest in the aid under the new shield is relatively high.


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