75 million pln from ZUS Social Insurance Fund for work-safety innovations

Up to 500,000 PLN co-financing is waiting for companies who want to introduce solutions in the company to improve worker safety.

The organizer is the Social Insurance Institution ZUS, which allocated a pool of PLN 75 million for this purpose.

Companies interested in obtaining support for a project limiting the impact of negative factors on safety in the enterprise have one month to submit an application in a competition organized by ZUS. Only those entrepreneurs who are not in arrears with paying contributions can participate in the program. The final application deadline is June 30.

From June 1, applications for co-financing of investments improving work safety may be submitted. A total of PLN 75 million was allocated to the competition. The amount of money a company can receive depends on the value of the submitted project and the number of people for whom it pays social security contributions. The smallest entities, ie from 1 to 9 people applying for insurance, can obtain funding in the amount of 90% of the estimated project value. In this case, the support from ZUS may amount to PLN 140 thousand. PLN. Along with the increase in the number of insured persons, the percentage of co-financing decreases, and for the largest enterprises it is 20% of investments. The maximum amount they can apply for, however, increases then up to 500,000 PLN.


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