Zortrax in 3D printing contract for European Space Agency

Zortrax will start in September this year research work as a subcontractor under the contract concluded between the European Space Agency and Astronika for research and testing to develop a technology for coating 3D prints with metallic coatings, the company said. Astronika as the project leader will be responsible for the construction of some instruments for the American InSight probe currently working on the surface of Mars.

“The use of 3D printing in the aviation and space industry is one of the key directions in which the market is currently developing. (…) We expect that the breakthrough technologies developed in projects such as this one will soon find their way to the printers we have on sale, and thus to our customers, ”said the president of Zortrax, Małgorzata Misiewicz.

The third company that participates in the project is CRIDO R&D sp.z o.o. sp. k., which will be responsible for the technology of applying metallic coatings to the prints, also stated.

The total contract value is EUR 175,000, and the value of the part of the contract for which Zortrax is responsible is EUR 54,500. The research work will last approximately 18 months.

Zortrax is a Polish company that provides comprehensive solutions in the field of three-dimensional printing. It has built a strong position on the desktop 3D device market, offering its customers also printing materials, Z-SUITE software and other products that increase the efficiency of the prototyping process.


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