Green Marszałkowska – Mayor aims for metamorphosis

‘The New Center of Warsaw is a program aimed at transforming the very center of Warsaw into a comfortable, accessible and green public space. The first effects of these works are already visible. The reconstruction of al. Jana Pawła II, where new, even sidewalks, a bicycle path and rows of trees have appeared. Pedestrians also gained ground crossings at the 40-year-old roundabout. The reconstruction of the so-called Five Horns Square at the intersection of Chmielna, Krucza and Zgody. Now it’s time for Marszałkowska – says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

‘In the coming years, I would like Warsaw to undergo a metamorphosis similar to that of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam. All this so that the city, which until now has been an ideal place to work, also becomes an ideal place to live’ – summed up Mayor Trzaskowski.

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