Zeneris Projekty expands the scope of hydrotechnical services and focuses on pro-ecological solutions for the industry

Zeneris Projekty, a company listed on NewConnect and a valued supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of photovoltaics, hydropower and biogas, took part in the establishment of the Sol4Eco special purpose vehicle. The aim of the newly established entity is to implement advanced hydrotechnical projects with an environmental dimension together with domestic and foreign partners.

  • We focus primarily on cooperation with foreign contractors, whose solutions we will transfer to the Polish market, and then, if possible, to the international arena. Our ambition is to establish a hub combining unique solutions, the application of which will allow us to realize the pro-ecological potential of many unobvious and undeveloped areas of the industrial sector and other branches of the economy – explains Mariusz Kostrzewa, President of Zeneris Projekty.

The establishment of Sol4Eco is an extension of the existing strategy of Zeneris Projekty and is to contribute to increasing its results and attractiveness in the eyes of investors. The share of Zeneris Projekty in this project is 45% and does not require significant financial outlays to establish a new entity.

Zeneris Projekty has many years of experience in implementing advanced projects in the areas of hydrotechnics, photovoltaics and biogas. The year 2022 was very fruitful in this respect – only in the period from July to the end of the year, the company concluded contracts whose value exceeded PLN 10 million. The agreements included i.a. increasing the retention capacity of the river basin in the area of the Catchment Board in Sokołów Podlaski and preparing design documentation for the reconstruction of the right and left flood embankments of the Vistula.


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