Żabka opens at new logistics centre in MLP Gliwice

Żabka Poland held an opening of a new warehouse facility with the area of 24,700 square metres last Wednesday. The new logistics
centre leased by the owner of the convenience store chain is located in the MLP Gliwice park owned by MLP Group. The logistics
centre was specifically built by the developer for Żabka Poland.
The owner of the Żabka and Freshmarket chains will use a warehouse facility with the total area of 24,700 sq metres. Out of that
space, nearly 23,800 sq metres are used for warehousing purposes, including approx. 4,000 sq metres of cold stores and deep
freeze stores. The remaining space is used for social and office purposes.

The new MLP Gliwice was opened. „We are very happy to deliver this modern warehousing facility. The investment project has been completed on schedule and is tailormade to the tenant’s individual needs,“ Radosław T. Krochta, President of the Management Board of MLP Group S.A., said.
„The location of the centre is associated with the intensive development of the Żabka chain in southern Poland, especially in the
Upper Silesia agglomeration and in Kraków. Silesia is the most industrialized and urbanized region in Poland, very attractive to the retail industry. The key factor in the selection of this particular location was to have a short distance from the new centre to as many of our shops as possible,“ said Katarzyna Słabowska, Logistics Director in Żabka Poland. „The logistics park in Gliwice has still a lot of potential for further development. We are convinced that the attractive location and professional service will attract more companies that are willing to invest in the region,“ Piotr Krawczyk, BTS Projects Manager at
MLP Group S.A., emphasized.

MLP Gliwice is located in Szałsza in the Zbrosławice municipality, only 6 km north of the Gliwice city centre. MLP Gliwice is located at the Zabrze West junction, connecting the A1 motorway (Tri-City-Łódź-Czech border) with national road no. 78 (Gliwice-Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice). Thanks to this location MLP Gliwice is an attractive location for many areas of operations.
Ultimately, the park will comprise also class A buildings with the total area of approx. 65,000 thousand sq metres.


Source: www.property-magazine.eu

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