Żabka is preparing expansion outside Poland. The vice president is already talking about the deadline

Żabka, like Biedronka recently, talks more and more boldly about foreign expansion. People in important chain positions are already talking about the appearance of Żabka stores outside the country. Tomasz Blicharski, vice-president of Żabka, spoke on this topic during the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

  • We plan to further develop the basic format of Żabka. In the near future, even more of our stores will be open than at present. In order to know where our facilities are to be built, we use artificial intelligence for this purpose, said Tomasz Blicharski, quoted by Portal Spożywczy.
    The managing director of Żabka Future did not hide that the network has high hopes in terms of support from the latest technologies. – We try to develop our company in a responsible way. The pace of change is accelerating, we need to act faster and respond to changes more efficiently. The technology is intended to minimize the risk of failure, said Blicharski. Żabka stores not only in Poland. The VP talks about overseas and expansion timing

Recently, more and more often we can meet autonomous Żabka Nano stores that do not require human service. Customers with the Żappka application and the appropriate function enabled in it simply enter the store, select the goods they need, and the application automatically calculates the value of the goods when leaving.


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