Żabka retailer rolls out medical advisory services

Żabka announced a new offer for customers. The network offers a prepaid voucher for medical teleconsultation, prepared by HomeDoctor.

Before the announced next wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Żabka decided to mediate in medical services.

“The wide range of products available in Żabka stores offering basic help in the event of illness, including OTC drugs and personal hygiene products, is now being joined by another – a prepaid HomeDoctor voucher” – informs Przemysław Tomaszewski, Director of Sales Development at Żabka Polska.

“HomeDoctor, as a nationwide provider of health services, offers the possibility of medical teleconsultation, the cost of which is covered by the customer by providing the code from the voucher purchased in Żabka store. This innovative form of selling medical services is aimed at increasing the availability of doctors throughout the country. At the same time, it is the first product of this type on the Polish retail market, available only in the Żabka chain of stores” – he adds.


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