Żabka also starts rapid-delivery: 15 minutes

The list of companies that deliver basic home purchases within several minutes is constantly growing. Now Żabka has joined. As part of the recently established Lite e-Commerce startup, a pilot of the service of delivering food products under the name Żabka Jush has started. Purchases can be ordered via the Jush application, initially the service will operate in selected districts of Warsaw.

The Jush application will make its pilot debut in Warsaw – initially, customers will be able to order purchases in parts of Śródmieście, Stara Ochota, Wola and Ursynów – they will be delivered from specially created dark stores, i.e. small warehouses. Initially, the application will be available to users of iOS devices, in November it will debut on Android devices.

“Forecasts indicate that in the coming years the e-commerce market will grow in double digits. This is determined by customers who expect fast, ultra-modern and convenient online solutions, tailored to their daily needs. Bearing these expectations in mind, we are effectively expanding the Żabka Group’s portfolio with new, unique businesses such as Maczfit, Dietly.pl and now Lite e-Commerce start-up” – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.


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