ZA Puławy builds 430 million pln granular fertilizer plant

The subsidiary of Grupa Azoty will build the most modern fertilizer packaging facilities in Poland.

In July 2020, the technological and mechanical start-up of the first production line was carried out, and now the continuous production of fertilizers has started. Thus, one of the largest fertilization investments in recent years in our country, worth PLN 430 million, was completed, underlined.

The production capacity of the two lines is up to 820,000 tons per year. The production line of granulated ammonium nitrate (AN 32% N) can produce 1,200 tons per day, and the calcium ammonium nitrate production line (CAN 27% N) – 1,400 tons per day. The second line will be launched in the first half of next year, it also said.

“Supporting farmers in their daily work is one of the most important goals of the Grupa Azoty Group, which is why we constantly take care of the development of our products in line with the assumptions of the European Green Deal. I mean the development of product formulas that reduce the emission of nitrogen fertilizers on the one hand, and on the other hand improve the efficiency of fertilization. The granular fertilizer plant launched today is another step towards providing farmers with the best-quality products that meet their needs, ”said Tomasz Hinc, president of Grupa Azoty, quoted in the release.

In addition to production installations, the investment also included the construction of infrastructure and logistic facilities – intended for unloading and processing of raw material, as well as a warehouse for finished products and a packaging facility, in which fully automatic devices for packing fertilizers into flexible containers were installed, the only of this type in Poland, was noted.

“The granular fertilizer plant is the contribution of our company and the entire Azoty Group to the development of modern agriculture. […] It is one of the largest and most modern nitrogen complexes in Europe. The production meets both high safety and environmental standards, as well as the transport of manufactured products, ”added Tomasz Hryniewicz, president of ZA Puławy.

Grupa Azoty ZA Puławy is part of Grupa Azoty. Its shares have been listed on the WSE since 2005. Its consolidated revenues reached PLN 3.21 billion in 2020.

The Grupa Azoty Group is second in the EU in the production of nitrogen and compound fertilizers, and products such as melamine, caprolactam, polyamide, OXO alcohols and titanium white also have a strong position in the chemical sector, being used in many industries. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 10.52 billion in 2020.


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