SAIO robotization project backed by ING Bank Slaski

The bank has extensive experience in this area, therefore, as part of its RoboPlatform, which currently operates under the name SAIO, it also helps its clients to improve their internal processes using robotics.

The COVID-19 pandemic may be an impulse to accelerate robotization in Polish companies. However, the lack of knowledge, low awareness of the benefits of such solutions or fear of high costs still remain a barrier to the implementation of robots on a mass scale.

The effects of the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world prompted many companies to look for ways to become independent from the human factor in a health emergency. This resulted in a greater interest in RPA solutions, i.e. robotic automation of business processes. The global report of the consulting company Deloitte (“Intelligent Automation 2020”) shows that last year the percentage of organizations that started implementing solutions based on intelligent automation increased significantly.

“You can start with the implementation of one or two robots, instead of opening a very large project right away. With this approach, in a short time of two or three weeks, you can already have the first robot implemented in the company and immediately benefit from it” – says Przemysław Lewicki, head of the SAIO project at ING Bank Śląski, which already employs over 2,000 employees. virtual employees.

“In Polish companies, robots are very often used, for example, in after-sales customer service, in handling correspondence, in the area of ​​accounting or for modifying ERP systems [software for comprehensive enterprise management – ed.]. In the traditional model, changes in these systems are expensive and time-consuming, and the use of robots for this purpose is easy and reduces this time” – assures the head of the SAIO project at ING Bank Śląski.


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