XTPL received a patent in Germany

XTPL has received validation from the German Patent and Trademark Office for a patent for a method for precise control of the position of the print head and control of the distance between the print head and the substrate, the company announced. The application procedure for this patent was initiated on April 15, 2019. It is also the date from which the protection of the invention is effective. The company’s portfolio currently has 26 patent applications and a total of 4 patents granted.

XTPL develops and commercializes on the global market an additive technology enabling ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. This technology will facilitate production of new generation displays, smart glass with advanced functionalities, innovative anti-counterfeiting security measures and photovoltaic panels with increased efficiency. Currently, XTPL commercializes its technology in the first two application fields: displays and smart glass. The company’s shares debuted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in February 2019.


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