XTPL has received a third order for the sale of Delta Printing System to China

XTPL has confirmed the order placed by Yi Xin (HK) Technology Co., Ltd based in China for the delivery of the Delta Printing System device, which is tantamount to concluding a sales contract, the company announced. This is the third sale of the device on the Chinese market.

Yi Xin is an entity that provides the company with distribution services for XTPL technological solutions. The company will deliver and launch the indicated device in the second half of 2023.

“The final buyer of the device will be the leading Chinese research and development center Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, which placed the order after the demonstration and tests of the XTPL technology. Delta Printing System will be used by the end customer in the work on printing electrical connections in integrated circuits of flexible electronics. The unique properties of the ultra-precise deposition (UPD) technology will allow for the integration of microelectronics with highly conductive connections that can be deformed optimally to flexible substrates used in the field of flexible electronics, such as PET foil,” reads the release.

XTPL develops and commercializes on the global market an additive technology enabling ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. This technology will facilitate production of new generation displays, smart glass with advanced functionalities, innovative anti-counterfeiting security measures and photovoltaic panels with increased efficiency. Currently, XTPL commercializes its technology in the first two application fields: displays and smart glass. The company's shares debuted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in February 2019.

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