XPTL holds a conditional US patent for Method for Removing Bottlenecks

The US Patent and Trademark Office conditionally granted XTPL a patent for a method of forming lines with a width of several hundred nanometers using the developed ink containing silver nanoparticles, ie for the patent application entitled "Method for Removing Bottlenecks", the company said.

"The invention allows, in particular, to remove any local constrictions in the applied lines during the printing process, which increases their electrical conductivity and their current and mechanical strength" - reads the release.

The final formal requirement to obtain a patent is to pay the fee for its issuance by July 20, 2022, it is noted.

The application procedure for this patent started on June 6, 2018. It is also the date from which the invention is protected. The company's portfolio currently has 24 patent applications and a total of 2 granted patents.

“The obtained patent protection will increase the value of the potential commercialization of the company's technology in the field of the issuer's technological solutions for the new generation electronics market. The described event confirms the company's implementation of the strategy of building a patent family for the technology and products being developed, which will be an element building the issuer's credibility towards potential industrial customers ”- we read further.

XTPL develops and commercializes on the global market additive technology enabling ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. This technology will facilitate, among others production of new generation displays, intelligent glass with advanced functionalities, innovative anti-counterfeit security measures or photovoltaic panels with increased efficiency. Currently, XTPL is commercializing its technology in the first two application fields: displays and smart glass. The company's shares made their debut on the WSE main market in February 2019.

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