US Pharmacia builds new R&D and factory in Wroclaw

In the coming months, the construction of a new factory for one of the largest manufacturers of over-the-counter medicines in Poland will begin in Psie Pole in Wrocław. US Pharmacia has just received approval for an investment at Bierutowska Street, where a Research and Development Center will also be built.

US Pharmacia (part of the USP Group), the largest producer of OTC drugs from Wrocław, will move its production from Ziębicka Street to Bierutowska Street, where a factory larger than the previous one will be built.

“The plant will be moved along with the current employees. We will also hire new people in the coming years. However, before we move to the stage of increasing employment – warehouse, laboratory and specialist positions – we must complete the reconstruction process, obtain a manufacturing permit and a GMP certificate” – informs representative of the company.

When the factory at ul. Bierutowska will be ready, construction of the Research and Development Center will begin there, financed from EU funds. As part of the project “Creation of research and development facilities for US Pharmacia”, the company was awarded a grant in the amount of PLN 5.4 million, enabling the expansion of research activities in the area of ​​new technologies, research methods and medicinal products. The USP does not want to talk about the details of these plans yet.

US Pharmacia is part of the USP Group, has been operating in Wrocław for over 20 years and employs hundreds of employees. It is here that popular drugs such as Apap, Ibuprom or Gripex are manufactured. The plant at Ziębicka Street supplies 100 million drug packages annually.


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