Wrocław and Warsaw ‘punching above their weight’ says report which ranks them as 15th and 20th Global Cities of the Future

Wrocław and Warsaw have made it into the top 25 in the latest Global Cities of the Future ranking, reflecting their business and economic appeal.

The Global Cities of the Future ranking published by fDi Intelligence, which offers services related to foreign direct investment, assesses cities around the world in terms of their economic, financial and business strengths.

Commenting on the results, fDi Intelligence noted the Polish cities’ strong performance in the ranking, writing that “Poland certainly appears to be punching above its weight”.

“Poland is upholding its reputation of having a well-educated workforce, coupled with good cost effectiveness,” it added.

fDi Intelligence also drew attention to how Poland has 14 Special Economic Zones, where investors can benefit from lower taxes and other forms of state aid.


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