Hydrogen economy gets boost with plans for 5 “Hydrogen Valleys”

The use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in transport and the implementation of hydrogen technologies in the energy sector – these are the main goals of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040.

The final version of the document prepared by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, taking into account the comments from public consultations, is to be presented in the fall. One of the ideas to drive the development of the hydrogen economy is the creation of five hydrogen valleys. The first one is to be built in Podkarpacie.

“The creation of hydrogen valleys is the natural course of things. This is a project that somehow operationalizes the postulates that we should create such locations, hubs, where these technologies will be developed. This is another step towards implementing hydrogen technologies in various areas of the market”, says Dr. hab. Eng. Jakub Kupecki, professor at the Institute of Power Engineering, head of the Center for Hydrogen Technologies.

On May 18, a letter of intent was signed in Jasionka preceding the creation of the Hydrogen Valley in Podkarpacie. Its creation will allow to use the region’s potential in terms of modern technologies and build a place where, for example, fuel cells and hydrogen buses will be produced, and low-emission hydrogen will be used on a large scale.


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