Woodpecker debuts on NewConnect

On September 14, Woodpecker, a company providing software in the SaaS model that automates communication processes, made its debut on NewConnect. The company’s solutions are already used by over 3,000 companies from over 70 countries. The company’s plans include a quick transition to the main market of the WSE.

Woodpecker provides, through its platform, a tool for automating time-consuming business communication processes. The Woodpecker.co software supports entrepreneurs in active sales, recruitment, maintaining relationships with clients and associates, and in acquiring new business partners.

“We can see that our solution is being used in an increasing number of business contexts. For example in marketing partnership, recruitment, up-selling. So it is no longer only for acquiring new ones, but also for building relationships with existing customers”- explains Mateusz Tarczyński, president of the board of Woodpecker.co in the Investor Zone podcast.

After its New Connect debut, the next step will be to prepare for the transition to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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