Woodpecker.co is working on new products targeted at various industries

“We want to be a multi-product company and the process continues. We are working on it, we already have ideas for applications in various segments, and we are also working on new products. We have recently increased employment, but we are aware of the importance of testing and R&D, hence the need to acquire new talent on the market, ”said said President Mateusz Tarczyński.

He added that the company also wants to prepare an application for iOS.

“We recently joined 9 new countries and we are currently running our software in 82 countries. In the following quarters and years, we will expand our reach to include new markets, ”added the President.

In May, the company announced that over 3,000 people use the application. Companies from 70 countries around the world, almost half of which are US businesses.

“We sell to all markets in dollars, also in Poland, where our customers convert this price list into zloty” – he pointed out.

He added that customers in Poland account for 9.5% of all the company’s customers.


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