Wood & Company introduces the Port’s investment [;atfprm to Poland

The Central European investment group Wood & Company is introducing the Port's investment platform to Poland, according to the announcement.

“The Port's investment platform has recently been operating on the Polish market, its main goal is to popularize investing among a wide range of recipients, so that it becomes available even to those who do not have great wealth or specialist knowledge. The port offers a modern and effective way of investing in tailor-made portfolios starting from PLN 100, with no initial fees. Behind the platform is Wood & Company, a leading Central European investment group, ”reads the release.

Port reports that it is the largest robo-advisor in Central Europe. It was established in 2018 and thanks to its rapid growth, it currently has over 148,000 users and over PLN 2.2 billion under management. It operates on the Czech and Slovak market, and now also on the Polish market.

“The expansion to Poland is a challenge for us, for which we have been preparing for a long time. Poland is the largest economy in Central Europe, yet investing, especially for beginners, is not easy. We would like to change this with our platform, which enables low-cost passive investing, ”said Port founder Radim Krejčí, quoted in the press release.

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