WITTCHEN helps Ukraine

The Russian aggression against Ukraine continues, and WITTCHEN is joining the relief efforts. The company donates PLN 100,000 to help people injured in an armed conflict in Ukraine. It also prepares packages with articles – suitcases, clothes, shoes – worth PLN 200,000, which will be transferred to Ukraine.

In support of Ukraine, which fell victim to brutal aggression from Russia last week, WITTCHEN donated PLN 100,000 to a Ukrainian aid organization. The funds will be used in Ukraine depending on the most urgent needs of the local population. Moreover, WITTCHEN donates goods with a total value of PLN 200,000, including: suitcases, warm shoes, jackets, gloves, caps.

The parcels will be sent to those in need in Ukraine. At the WITTCHEN headquarters, next to the Polish flag, the Ukrainian flag was also hung. It is a small but important gesture emphasizing the friendship with Ukraine, where many WITTCHEN employees, contractors and partners come from. The Ukrainian flag – a symbol of solidarity – is visible to hundreds of thousands of people passing the building every day.


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