Warsaw’s Packhelp breaks record with 40 million euro financing round

In November, EUR 40 million was obtained from the financing in round B by the Warsaw startup Packhelp, which offers the possibility of designing and ordering personalized packaging. This is a record – no startup in Poland has yet collected such a sum at this stage of development. The pandemic accelerated development of e-commerce is one of the factors thanks to which packaging producers are doing so well on the market.

Packhelp has been operating on the market since 2016. It allows small and large companies not only to order packaging for their products, but also to decide on their design. Importantly for small enterprises, the Warsaw marketplace allows you to order from 30 pieces of packaging – boxes, cartons, poly mailers or envelopes. The largest customers order even hundreds of thousands of products.

The record-breaking financing round and the history of the company, which started under the name Zapakuj.to, was described in November in Forbes by Krzysztof Domaradzki.

The fourth quarter is traditionally a harvest time for the e-commerce industry. It starts on the last Friday in November (Black Friday) and runs until Christmas. The beginning of the year is, in turn, the period of seasonal sales. Along with the revenues of online stores, the profits of packaging producers also grow. In an interview with Rzeczpospolita, Konrad Kwiatkowski, the co-founder of Packhelp, forecasted an increase in sales in the company by 15-20 percent.

Last year’s holiday season was very favorable for the industry. This is related to, inter alia, with a change in the habits of consumers who switched to the online channel as a result of the pandemic. This in turn generates a demand for packaging. It is no wonder then that – according to the data of the National Debt Register – the packaging industry went through a dry footing in 2020. It is worth remembering that it is created not only by the producers of packaging in which we collect our shipments, but e.g. manufacturers of bottles and containers in which we buy food or household chemicals.

According to the estimates of the Polish Chamber of Packaging, the packaging market in Poland is worth PLN 45 billion. Globally, Pekao analysts estimate its value at USD 900 billion. Poland is in the top five largest packaging producers in the European Union.


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