Wirtualna Polska is the sole owner of Nocowanie.pl, PLN 4.3 million for 6.2 percent shares

Wirtualna Polska Media has agreed to buy the remaining 6.25% shares of Nocowanie.pl from Kamil Ruciński for PLN 4.26 million. As a result, it will be the sole shareholder of Nocowanie.pl.

In mid-2016, Wirtualna Polska Media bought 75 percent of Nocowanie.pl spent PLN 22 million. In May last year, WP changed the schedule for the purchase of the remaining 25% of Nocowanie.pl: this year if bought 10% for PLN 13.47 million, and in 2021 and 2022, 7.5% each. The value of these 15% shares were estimated at approx. PLN 21 million.

Nocowanie.pl – at the beginning of October 2020 – absorbed the eHoliday.pl company belonging to Wirtualna Polska and moved to a new seat in Lublin. At the beginning of this year. Tomasz Machała became the president of Nocowanie.pl, and the previous head of the company, Kamil Ruciński, joined its supervisory board.


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