Wirtualna Polska acquaired a 40% stake in Patronite for over PLN 12.6 million

Wirtualna Polska has acquired a 40% stake in Patronite - the largest Polish website connecting creators with patrons - for over PLN 12.6 million, the company said. There are over 7,000 independent creators registered on the platform, including publicists, podcasters, athletes, youtubers and bloggers, but also associations and foundations.

“Today, not only the main portals, well-known publishers and TV stations are dynamically developing on the Internet. Independent, independent creators who build daily relationships with users through their hard work are also of great importance. By investing in Patronite, on the one hand, we want to help them, and on the other, we also want to learn from them, ”said Jacek Świderski, CEO of Wirtualna Polska Holding, quoted in the press release.

Wirtualna Polska has acquired a 40% stake in Patronite. The value of the investment is over PLN 12.6 million. Creators associated with Patronite will gain access to a wider audience and new monetization methods, it also said.

“Patrons founded in Poland a whole generation of independent publicists, radio stations, newspapers, podcasters and filmmakers. We are glad that, together with Wirtualna Polska, we will be able to take the next step in the implementation of our mission - we want to ensure that valuable creators can reach the widest possible audience with their message, but also that as many of them as possible can turn their passion into work, remunerated monthly salary, ”added Tadeusz Chełkowski, founder of Patronite.pl.

Patronite.pl is the largest subscription crowdfunding service in Poland. There are over 7,000 creators, organizations, sportsmen and enthusiasts on Patronite.pl, supported by over 650,000 patrons. Among the people and initiatives, operating thanks to the support of patrons, we can mention, among others: Radio Nowy Świat, Radio 357, Dariusz Rosiak or the Sekielski brothers, given in the material.

Wirtualna Polska Group is the owner of one of the two most popular horizontal web portals in Poland - Wirtualna Polska. It also runs the o2 horizontal portal and numerous specialized vertical portals, including, in particular, business portals - Money.pl and Biztok, portals related to new technologies - e.g. Dobreprogramy, portals related to sports - e.g. Sportowe Fakty, and entertainment portals - for example Pudelek. The company has been listed on the WSE since May 2015.

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