Wielton will execute the order for Amazon.

Wielton, one of the largest trailer manufacturers in Europe, is making up for November losses as the price plunged from PLN 13 below PLN 9. In the latest Flash Note, the analyst of DM Trigon, Łukasz Rudnik, summed up the company’s results conference, maintaining the “Buy” recommendation with the target price of PLN 14.3. Wielton recently announced an agreement with Amazon for several hundred trailers, the value of which is to reach approximately PLN 120 million.

“The financial assumptions for 2022 seem ambitious to us, in the context of maintaining the negative impact of raw material prices on the results of Q1’22 and partially on Q2’22 (Fruehauf).” – we read in the assessment of the DM Trigon analyst. “The management board also expects much stronger growth than the broad market in the case of the French, Polish and German markets. The former may be a challenge due to the already high market penetration (~ 20% market share). In the case of the German market, the achievement of ~ 70% of the growth dynamics is possible, taking into account the low market shares.

A few days before the conference, commented by the DM Trigon analyst, the company announced a collaboration between Amazon and the Wielton subsidiary based in Lawrence David (Great Britain). The rate then jumped by almost 7%. By the end of 2022, Lawrence David will deliver to Amazon several hundred box-type semi-trailers worth GBP 22 million (PLN 120 million). Analysts hope that this will significantly improve the manufacturer’s results.


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