Wielowieś wind farm project kicks off 300 million pln investment and 13 years

In the area of ​​Wielowieś, the official opening of the wind farm took place. Windmills over 100 meters high, which will generate electricity, have entered the landscape of the commune.

“It is a project of 20 turbines that have started working, have been tested and have been officially in operation for several weeks. They bring electricity that is completely clean, without carbon dioxide, which is one hundred percent renewable energy. This project is the largest of its kind in Silesia”, says Mariusz Nowak from Akuo Energy Polska.

It took nearly 13 years to bring the investment to the finals. At this stage, the commune and the company had to deal with a huge amount of formalities, as well as with opponents. French ambassador Frédéric Billet attended yesterday’s opening.

“This is the largest investment in the commune. The cost is about PLN 300 million. The whole procedure from the first meeting, signing the letter of intent in 2008. Overall it was 13 years, very intense. Lots of meetings, correspondence, and accusations of the harmfulness of this investment” – said Ginter Skowronek, the head of the Wielowieś commune.


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