Whirlpool officially opens new Łódź manufacturing plant

The white goods manufacturer has officially opened its new plant for dryers in Łódź, which represents the center of Whirlpool’s new dryer manufacturing platform in the EMEA Region and the final step of the Industrial Plan for Poland, which was announced three years ago.
The 2015-2018 Industrial Plan for Poland was aimed at improving efficiencies and capacity utilisation at the sites in Wrocław, Łódź and Radomsko, and at the same time supporting plant modernisation and product innovation and process improvement. Significant resources were also devoted to R&D as well as to people development, the company states in a press release.

The initial planned investment of EUR 235 million was increased over the years, to almost EUR 293 million.

“The implementation of the Industrial Plan and the important investments made in the past few years demonstrate Whirlpool’s commitment to Poland, a central piece of the company’s overall business strategy in EMEA.” comments Fabio Pommella, President of the Board at Whirlpool Company Polska Sp z.o.o, in the press release.

“Poland plays a key role in enhancing Whirlpool’s competitiveness and is in an optimal position to serve European markets, in addition to having strong competencies in product development and supplier base. The three Polish plants already manufacture almost one-third of all production in Europe and the Middle East. When the Industrial Plan was announced in 2015, Indesit and Whirlpool were two separate companies. The integration process is now completed and, since April 2018, we are operating under the single name of Whirlpool Company Polska.” adds Fabio Pommella.

Łódź now becomes the company’s central location for the launch of the new dryer manufacturing platform. In 2019, around 480’000 dryers will be manufactured here and, at full capacity, the plant will be able to produce up to 1.2 million dryers.

Additionally, Whirlpool’s investments in Poland have grown significantly in other areas as well, allowing for the opening of a global Research & Development centre for free-standing refrigerators in Wrocław and for the creation of a new centre of shared financial services in Łódź, serving the entire Whirlpool EMEA Region.

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