We are at the final stage of talks with the minority shareholder of CPK

Talks with the minority shareholder of Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) are at the final stage, said Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Development Marcin Horała. The French company Vinci and the Korean company Incheon International Airport Corporation, which manages the Incheon airport in Seoul, are participating in the talks. The third entity has not yet made itself public.

“We are at the final stage of talks with a minority shareholder,” Horała told Radio Zet.

The minority shareholder is to take over 49% of the shares of the CPK airport.

“There are three entities at the final stage of talks at the moment, one of which has not yet gone public, so I can’t talk about it because trade secrets are in force. And these two are Vinci […] – an international corporation listed on the French stock exchange, investing in broadly understood infrastructure. A very large company, capitalization of almost EUR 100 billion, has shares in dozens of airports around the world, it owns a few construction films, even in Poland. And the other one is Incheon International Airport Corporation – a company that manages one of the airports, Incheon in Seoul – one of the largest and best airports in the world in various rankings,” said the deputy minister.

“We are at the final stage of these negotiations. I would like them to end soon and for the contract to be signed,” he added.

However, Horała made a reservation that at the current stage of work it is possible to continue work without a minority partner.

“We are not against the wall and we can safely continue construction without a minority partner, so it’s not like we will accept every condition, we will accept it if they are good” – summed up the deputy minister.

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny is a 100% state-owned company established to implement the long-term Program of the Central Communication Port covering the construction of a new central airport for Poland and the coordination and implementation of accompanying investments, including the modernization of existing and construction of a new network of railway lines, expressways, motorways and other technical infrastructure.

The CPK railway program assumes the construction of approx. 2,000 km of new lines (10 so-called CPK spokes). For 1,500 km of them, feasibility studies have already been completed or are being prepared, and for sections Warszawa – Łódź and Łódź – Wrocław, design is already underway.


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