Warsaw Stock Exchange leverages tech know-how to create advertising trading platform

The Warsaw Stock Exchange is going into the advertising business. Advertising may not immediately appear to be a natural progression for a stock exchange, yet Central and Eastern Europe’s largest bourse, the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) thinks otherwise.

But advertising is precisely where the GPW’s board has decided to continue its policy of business diversification, and in October announced plans to develop a dynamic ad insertion (DAI) application it has dubbed TeO, which will offer broadcasters the chance to serve the kind of bespoke and personalised adverts that have been common on the internet for several years.

The GPW says that the TeO concept is the result of more than a year’s worth of market research, and has committed to spending more than 33.3 million złoty (7.23 million euros) on the idea’s development over the next two years, including a grant of 13.34 million złoty from Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development.

For the GPW’s CEO Marek Dietl, far from being a tangent with little relation to the exchange’s day-to-day activities, TeO is in fact a continuation of what it has always done: bringing buyers and sellers together.

“GPW has 30 years of experience of creating and developing trading platforms which effectively connect buyers and sellers,” says Dietl, who adds that it is also a good way of leveraging and showcasing the GPW’s tech know-how.


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