Warsaw lures architects with prize-money for city-centre design.

The reconstruction of the very center of Warsaw is starting. On Monday, March 1, the start of the renovation of the square at the intersection of Bracka, Chmielna, Krucza, Zgoda and Szpitalna Streets was announced, as well as an architectural competition for Chmielna Street.

Concepts sent in the competition will be assessed by the jury. The author of the winning concept will receive a prize of PLN 40,000, and will be invited to negotiate under the single-source procurement procedure. The competition also provides for the 2nd and 3rd prizes, in the amount of 20,000 and 10,000plln, respectively, and an additional amount of 10,000pln for any awards. – We expect architects who take part in the competition to propose a modern space for Chmielna and ideas on how this street can function. We will announce the results of the competition in June – says Marlena Happach, the city’s architect.

For the first time in Warsaw, the competition will be conducted entirely electronically, via the zamowania.um.warszawa.pl platform. The competition jury will pay particular attention to:

– multifunctionality and support for trade and services – spatial solutions that support the development of trade, gastronomy and other services in harmony with the needs of permanent residents from the immediate vicinity;
– preservation of identity and modern form – transformations of space must not lead to the loss of the identity of a place, but architects should act on the basis of modern means of expression;
– green solutions – inclusion in the design of efforts to create a healthy city, adapt it to climate change, increase the amount of greenery, water retention;
– convenience for pedestrians and cyclists – ul. Chmielna is an important promenade for Varsovians – we want it to be friendly and safe, well connected with neighboring squares and streets;
– flexibility – the pandemic has shown that we are faced with ever new challenges that public space must face – we want designers to take into account the possibility of implementing various activities in Chmielna;
– optimization of solutions – the project must take into account both the cost of implementation and sustainable development, including use of existing infrastructure; design solutions should be realistic and economically justified, taking into account saving resources, reusing selected materials, limiting unnecessary interference in underground infrastructure.


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