Yareal recyles old wind turbines as sleek outdoor eco furniture

Benches and other outdoor architectural features made from recycled wind turbines are among the standout elements of an innovative new Warsaw housing development seeking to reduce environmental impacts.

The project by real-estate developer Yareal, will be Poland’s largest project to assume a widespread application for discarded wind turbine blades in its design, transforming them into elements of public use in communal areas, such as outdoor seating.

Jacek Zengteler, general manager of Yareal said: “Within the area of the investment we plan to introduce small architectural elements made from parts of turbine blades, however on a much wider scale.

“These can be, not just composite piece of furniture or flowerpots, but also outdoor baby changing and feeding stations and even substantially larger constructions such as a roof over a bicycle parking.

“Instead of buying furniture made from new materials, we will use those that already exist, incredibly resistant and sturdy materials, which have stopped being needed in their primary use.

“Together with recycling experts we are currently designing the contents of the communal space of a large patio within the housing development and also a public park next to the development.”


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