Belgian Equilis to build over 1,000 apartments in Ursus district of Warsaw

The Belgian company Equilis has purchased land in the Ursus district of Warsaw and is planning an investment there for over 1,000 apartments. Construction is scheduled to start in 2022.

After finalizing the land purchase transaction, Equilis begins the preparation of the architectural design. As announced by the company’s representatives, the investment will be built with the use of environmentally friendly technology and elements of passive construction.

As part of the investment that Equilis will implement in Warsaw’s Ursus, construction of over 1,000 apartments is planned. The investor declares that the construction will start in 2022.

About the investor:
Equilis is a Belgian company that carries out residential, office and commercial projects throughout Europe. The developer attaches great importance to respecting renewable energy sources, being aware of the impact that projects have on the environment – from managing water resources, through giving new shape to post-industrial areas, to the impact on the local economy and communities.


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