Chips shortage means VW factories in Poland shut down for days.

From 23 to 25 June, Polish Volkswagen plants in Września and Poznań will suspend their work. As agreed by the trade unions, workers will be fully paid for this period. The company adjusts its production plans to the current situation in the semiconductor market.

“Due to the growing demand for electronic devices on the one hand and the revival in the automotive market on the other hand, from the beginning of the year there have been restrictions on supplies for the automotive industry” – says Patrycja Kasprzyk, spokesman for Volkswangen Poznań, in an interview with

The Caddy and T6 models are manufactured in Poznań, while the plant in Września is responsible for the Crafter and MAN TGE. Already in May, these factories had to stop production for the same reason.

Czechs and Slovaks are also struggling with similar problems. The latter intend to suspend production of SUVs for two days. City cars are to continue on the roads. In turn, Škoda shortened the activities of individual departments in its factories.


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