VRG enters Russia with e-commerce sales

The VRG Group wants to start selling through the e-commerce channel for Russian customers before the end of 2021, said Radosław Jakociuk, vice president responsible for operations and brand divisions. Sales in Russia would take place through a partner – an online platform.
“I can confirm that soon, before the end of this year, we want to enter a new, large market with our offer. I am talking about the Russian market. This market has its own procedures and its business specificity, which is why we have acquired a local e-commerce partner for this project, ”Jakociuk said in an interview with ISBnews.

“VRG focuses on even development of all sales channels, in accordance with the omnichannel strategy. For this year, the group’s goal is the share of e-commerce in sales above 20%. In the following quarters, in some brands, such as Wólczanka, it is possible to increase this level even by 30% ”- emphasized Jakociuk.

In his opinion, all brands in the group are doing well in the so-called stationary sales system using own stores and franchise outlets.


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