Volvo launches Tech Hub in Krakow, wants to hire up to 600 engineers by 2025

Volvo is launching a Tech Hub in Krakow, Volvo Cars CEO Jim Rowan announced. The plans include employment of up to 600 specialists by 2025.

“The automotive industry is transforming, with electric cars and autonomous driving being the main directions. This is nextgen mobility, where the car is a hybrid of hardware, software and computing technologies. Poland is at the center of this change as Volvo launches Krakow Tech Hub. We want to recruit 500-600 specialists by 2025 and I assume that this number will grow in the coming years. I hope that this year it will be a three-digit number of employees,” said Roan during a press conference.

Currently, Volvo Cars has R&D centers in Sweden (Stockholm and Lund) and India (Bangalore), and the Polish facility will be the fourth such center in the world. There are also two large engineering centers in Gothenburg and Shanghai.

Krakow will be the center of software development and will play a key role in Volvo’s strategic ambitions to become an all-electric brand and technology leader by 2030, not least through in-house software development. According to the president of Volvo Cars, communication, interface (UI), user experience (UX), data analytics, computing technologies and security software (ADS) technologies will be developed in Poland.

“We have launched a dedicated website and I think that the active recruitment phase will start in Q2. We believe that in Krakow we will find the best talents with experience, for example, in telecommunications, which is related to the technologies we want to develop,” said Volvo’s global head of corporate communications and HR Hanna Fager.

Volvo Cars is one of the leading automotive brands in the world.


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