Volvo and Northvolt consider new battery factory in Poland

Two Swedish companies have decided to join forces and design batteries for the next generation of electric vehicles, which will be used in Volvo and Polestar models. While not yet decided, there is a high chance that the production of batteries will take place in Poland.

The production start is scheduled for 2026. Volvo has announced that the first model to receive batteries from the factory will be the electric successor to the XC60 SUV.

So far, it is not known where the new facility will be built. “The decision should be made within a few months,” Anna Sobolewska from Northvolt Poland told However, there is a chance that Poland will be the choice. It is in Poland that the new Northvolt plant is currently being built, which will produce energy storage and battery systems for industry and construction machinery. “Its future production capacity is already 90 percent contracted for this purpose.” – Sobolewska calculated.


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