Volkswagen shifts all diesel engines production to Poland

Dolnośląskie Polkowice will be the only place in Europe where Volkswagen will soon produce diesel engines. The transfer of all production to Poland is to prevent the reduction of jobs at Volkswagen Motor Polska.
The production of diesel engines exclusively in Polkowice will be the result of the electrification of Volkswagen’s portfolio and the transfer of the production burden in other factories to electric drives.

“The entire production of four-cylinder diesel engines will be transferred from Volkswagen plants in Europe to Polkowice in order to secure employment” – explains Joanna Zdulska-Denko, spokesman for Volkswagen Motor Polska.

Thus, the Polkowice factory will not be switched to the production of electric drives in the near future, which would result in a reduced demand for employees due to greater automation of production. Thus, nearly 1,300 employees may be quiet about work, at least for the time being.


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