Volkswagen plants 50,000 trees in “Way to Zero” strategy

Czarnowo in Kashubia, Ryboły near the Knyszyńska and Białowieża Primeval Forests and Zawoja under Babia Góra – in the vicinity of these towns, over 8 ha, a total of 50 000 trees. In this way will be rebuilt, among others a tree stand that a few years ago was destroyed by powerful elements – tornadoes and hurricanes. The plantings are part of the Volkswagen brand campaign, which is to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions from cars intended for journalistic tests. As the representatives of the concern emphasize, this campaign is part of the Way to Zero strategy, which defines the brand’s aspirations to achieve full climate neutrality.

“At the beginning of 2021, we launched a project that aims to offset the carbon footprint of our journalism park. After each journalistic test of a Volkswagen car powered by an internal combustion engine, i.e. both a combustion car and a plug-in hybrid, the journalist can choose one of three locations in Poland, where we will plant 70 trees after the test” – explains Hubert Niedzielski, Volkswagen brand PR manager.

Every second car in the Volkswagen journalism park is already able to be charged from the socket thanks to electric or plug-in hybrid drive. The company, however, went a step further and now journalists who test the brand’s cars powered by an internal combustion engine can themselves indicate one of three locations in Poland, where new trees will be planted in cooperation with the Polish Forest Association.


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