Vivid Games had an estimated PLN 1 million EBITDA in Q1 2022

Vivid Games posted PLN 1m EBITDA in Q1 2022, the company said, presenting preliminary estimates. Net loss for Q1 this year amounted to PLN 0.02 million with PLN 7.61 million in revenues (which increased by 48% y / y).

In March alone, the company generated revenues of PLN 2.57 million and a net profit of PLN 20 thousand. zloty. At the end of March, there were PLN 2 million on the company's accounts, it said.

Vivid Games points out that apart from the "unflagging" condition of "Real Boxing 2", the growing sales of "Eroblast" have an increasingly greater impact on revenues.

"Real Boxing 2" is currently in a phase of extensive exploration of further opportunities to increase both reach and profitability. On the one hand, we are constantly investing in engaging live-ops campaigns and game development. On the other hand, we find new channels, like TikTok, thanks to which the user community is constantly growing. One of the goals for Q2 is to refresh the in-game animations. We want the gameplay in our ring to provide players with even more impressions, "said the product owner of" Real Boxing 2 "Bartosz Biniecki, quoted in the announcement.

Vivid Games has been operating on the gaming market since 2006. The company produces games for smartphones and portable consoles. So far, the most important title in the company's achievements is the global hit "Real Boxing". Vivid Games made its debut on the WSE main market in 2016, transferring quotations from NewConnect.

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