Vinci Airports and Global Infrastructure Fund want to invest up to PLN 8 billion in CPK

A consortium of Vinci Airports and IFM Global Infrastructure Fund has said it is willing to take a minority stake in the company that operates the Central Transport Port airport for up to PLN 8 billion, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Marcin Horala announced.

“We have an investor who is willing to put up to PLN 8 billion for the construction of CPK in exchange for taking a minority stake in the company operating the airport! It’s a consortium of Vinci Airports and IFM Global Infrastructure Fund.” – reported Horała on his account on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

In addition to capital, the bidders will bring know-how, business contacts and experience in building and managing airports, he also reported.

The selection of the bid, followed by the signing of the contract, will attract direct investment of up to PLN 8 billion to Poland.

“The financing structure of CPK Airport itself is 60% debt instruments and 40% equity-shares in CPK.Airport, which will operate the future airport. And we have offered up to 49% of this 40% to investors (ownership control remains with the Treasury).” – The deputy minister indicated.

He stressed that the proceedings lasted several months and ended on October 13 with the selection of the best offer.

Vinci Airports (part of the Vinci Group) is the world’s leading private airport operator. It manages in various forms more than 70 airports in 13 countries. Vinci Group has about 270,000 employees. It is a French company, but US institutional shareholders currently make up the largest group in the ownership structure.

IFM Global Infrastructure Fund is an Australia-based investment fund managing about $143 billion in assets, of which about $64 billion are infrastructure equity investments. It has stakes in 17 airports around the world in its portfolio.


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