VIGO Ventures invests $1 million in the Spanish startup Deep Detection

Deep Detection, which manufactures multispectral cameras that use X-rays, has obtained 1 million euros in funding. The technology developed by a startup from the Iberian Peninsula solves the problem of detecting low-density foreign bodies, such as plastic or bones, which can be used, for example, in the food industry. The solution also allows you to verify the composition and structure of products.

The lead investor in this round is Vigo Ventures – an investment vehicle that specializes in investments in deeptech and photonic projects. The entity was established by the Warsaw Equity Group (a private investment company) and VIGO System (a technology company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange). Tech transfer Agrifood, a fund managed by Clave Capital, ESOM and other investors, has also invested in Deep Detection.

“Deep Detection fits perfectly into our portfolio. Earlier this year, we announced an investment in KSM Vision, which as an integrator deals with optical quality control. Deep understanding of the needs of industry clients will allow us to create a comprehensive offer and expand the group of international recipients” – says Marek Kotelnicki, Managing Partner of VIGO Ventures.

“Both companies have complementary solutions for industrial recipients. They can also cooperate with infrared sensors in which VIGO System specializes. We count on synergies in the commercial and research potential of these entities” – adds Dr. Adam Piotrowski, President of VIGO System.

The funds obtained by Deep Detection will be used to accelerate the commercialization of the multispectral cameras developed by the company, based on x-rays. The solution will enable the detection of foreign bodies and defects in food and beverages. Cameras will be used in comprehensive product control on production lines.


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