Vigo Photonics has an agreement with Warsaw Equity ASI regarding investments in innovative projects

Vigo Photonics has entered into an investment agreement with Warsaw Equity ASI and Wojciech Smoliński, Marek Kotelnicki and Vigo Ventures ASI (VVASI), Vigo System reported. The agreement sets out the rules for investing in innovative technological ventures through VVASI.

“The investment agreement sets out the rules for investing, together with Warsaw Equity ASI, in innovative technological ventures through VVASI. VVASI is an alternative investment fund whose activity consists in the implementation of investments in the technological, industrial, new technologies, innovations in the photonics, optics, automation, robotics, photovoltaics, materials engineering sectors, as well as projects from the environment of scientific units, focusing on projects R&D, the result of which is the cost-effective production of innovative, technologically advanced devices and systems, ”reads the release.

Pursuant to the agreement, Vigo Photonics and Warsaw Equity ASI acquired new shares in VVASI in exchange for a cash contribution of PLN 1.9 million. In addition, the partners defined VVASI's budget by the end of 2025 at PLN 36.18 million (i.e. PLN 18.09 million for each partner). This budget will be paid ad hoc as part of VVASI's investment activities.

The contract was concluded until all exits from the investments made are completed or until December 31, 2032.

Vigo Photonics (formerly Vigo System) is a world leader in the production of uncooled, photon red detectors. The company made its debut on the WSE in 2014.

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