Vigo Photonics has a contract with the Caterpillar Group worth EUR 3.67 million

Vigo Photonics has signed a contract worth EUR 3.67 million (approx. PLN 16.3 million) with the Caterpillar group for the supply of infrared detectors for railway security control, the company announced. Deliveries will be made until May 30, 2025 (with the possibility of postponing until August 30, 2025)

“Over the last years, our products have been used in successive generations of the system offered by the Caterpillar Group, which is installed in the railway traction network throughout Europe. Many years of good cooperation with Caterpillar resulted in a new contract for the delivery of infrared detectors. We are proud that our detectors are also used in applications that contribute to improving the safety of people’s transport. Developing cooperation with large partners is for us a confirmation of the reliability and quality of the products we offer, which translates into a continuous increase in orders for our solutions and supports us in the dynamic development of our business,” said Vigo CEO Adam Piotrowski, quoted in the release.

The contract signed with a company from the Caterpillar Group is a continuation of cooperation – the previous contract signed in May 2020 was worth EUR 3.02 million, the current one is about 22% higher in value.

Infrared detectors offered by Vigo Photonics for the Caterpillar Group are used for security control of rail transport. Sensors installed in the tracks allow real-time monitoring of the temperature of bearings, brakes and wheels of a train traveling at speeds of up to 300 km/h.

Vigo Photonics (formerly Vigo System) is a world leader in the production of uncooled photon red detectors. The company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2014.


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