Veolia abandons coal in heat generation – by 2030

The trend of transforming a traditionally high-emission business into a low or even zero-emission business is accelerating. Successive operating companies submit declarations of withdrawal from the issue in a shorter or longer perspective. Recently, one of the key players in the system heat market, Veolia, joined them.

“Our commitment is an end to the use of coal as fuel in our heat sources by 2030. But this is the first element. We want to become a zero-emission company by 2050” – said in an interview with BI Polska during the XXX Economic Forum in Karpacz, Krzysztof Zamasz, member of the management board of the Veolia Group.

Veolia has plans to decarbonise its heating assets. – We have an idea. We want to implement hybrid solutions that include gas cogeneration with heat pumps, with photovoltaic elements, but also what the group is good at, i.e. heat recovery from all the so-called lower sources, i.e. sewage treatment plants or energy contained in waste. We will implement these hybrid solutions in the entire group, in particular in poviat cities”, explained Zamasz.


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