Veolia Energia in deal with SunRoof for solar roofs

Veolia Energia Łódź and Veolia Energia Warszawa have established cooperation with SunRoof, a start-up created by Rafal Plutecki. SunRoof creates solar roofs and solutions supporting intelligent energy management.

As part of the signed agreement, SunRoof and Veolia will implement projects for business and local government clients ensuring 100 percent renewable energy.

SunRoof has become the exclusive supplier of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) for Veolia customers with a potential installation power in the range of 50-500 kWp.

The first joint projects ensuring 100% renewable energy, are to be implemented in 2021.

The cooperation is based on the use of efficient solar roofs and 2-in-1 facades as the primary energy source in combination with low and zero-emission heating and electricity networks, covering the rest of the electricity and heat demand in homes and public buildings.

The key to achieving climate neutrality is improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Most of them have an energy standard that differs from the one that applies to all new and renovated facilities from 2021.

It is estimated that up to 75 percent buildings in the EU are energy inefficient. Therefore, it is so important to promote passive and zero-emission houses that use renewable energy sources.


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