Veolia launched a heat accumulator at EC Karolin in Poznań at a cost of PLN 41.7 million

Veolia Energia Poznań has launched a heat accumulator at the Karolin Heat and Power Plant in Poznań. The cost of the investment was PLN 41.7 million, including PLN 21 million from European funds, informed the president of Dalida Gepfert.

“The entire investment cost us PLN 41.7 million, of which PLN 21 million was obtained in the form of co-financing from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The payback period will be relatively quick. When planning this investment, we assumed that it would pay off within 5 years. With the current CO2 prices and with the optimization of work, it can be achieved much faster, ”said Gepfert.

The heat accumulator is a cylinder-shaped tank, 63 m high and 24 m in diameter. It can hold 24 thousand. m3 of water, i.e. about 1/3 of the volume of water in the district heating system of Poznań. The energy capacity is 4,000 GJ. The water temperature in the heat accumulator is 98C.


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