Veolia adopts gas-fired blocks as its dumps coal source.

In Poznań, the construction of gas-fired units is to be completed in 2025, and the heat produced in them is to be delivered to residents in the season 2026/2027. At that time, the two oldest coal-fired units will be excluded from operation.

Karolina, gas units are to be built with a heating capacity of up to 320 MWt and an electric capacity of up to 200 MWe.

“The construction of gas blocks is a milestone for us on the road to energy transformation. Veolia Energia Poznań will gradually reduce the share of coal in the heat and electricity production process until it is completely eliminated by 2030. We treat this investment not only as one of the key elements of the decarbonisation process in Poznań, but also as an important contribution to the energy transformation on a national scale” – says Dalida Gepfert, President of the Management Board, General Director of Veolia Energii Poznań SA

Gas is the only one that can replace coal in a large city like Poznań. – The new gas blocks will make it possible to reduce coal consumption by 400 thousand tonnes. tonnes per year, which will significantly reduce the emission of dust (49%), sulfur dioxide (76%) and nitrogen oxide (73%). The use of gaseous fuel also means no furnace waste and high production efficiency, Veolia reports.


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