Neuca adopts Vee’s voicebots to serve patients

A technology company specializing in the production of voicebots that sounds like people has partnered with the Neuca Group. The core business of Neuka is the wholesale distribution of drugs, but the group also includes an independent network of clinical research centers and the Świat Zdrowia network of clinics.

Vee said that the cooperation concerns selected customer service processes designed for patients of one of the companies in the Neuca Group.

The service is to be implemented in the next sickness season, therefore Vee has postponed the premiere of box solutions, i.e. ready-made, scalable products from the automated customer service sector. Initially, they were to be introduced in September, now the company announces them at the turn of 2021 and 2022.

“Although “boxes” are a strategic project for us, cooperation with the Neuca Group is so important that in our opinion it is worth postponing their premiere. In addition to financial benefits, the contract will contribute to increasing Vee’s recognition among medical networks, which will make it easier for us to attract new customers from this market” – says Dawid Wójcicki, President of Vee.

The manager hopes that the experience gained during the project with the Neuca Group and the analysis of conversation patterns with patients will allow to create a Vee Host for the medical industry that will handle more processes than previously assumed.


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