Vabun perfumes shift strategy, buys Cosma Cannabis

For 10 years, the Vabun brand was associated with perfumes whose face was Radosław Majdan. Half a year ago, this cooperation ended and the company – without the former football player – is trying its hand at new areas.

For a moment it seemed as if it was going to go green energy, but now it is betting on green plants – hemp.

One and a half months ago, Vabun started negotiations with Cosma Cannabis. Now it goes one step further and the management board has signed an agreement on the basic terms of the acquisition of this company. This is to be achieved by transferring all Cosma Cannabis assets to Vabun, in exchange for issuing Vabun shares to the existing shareholders of Cosma Cannabis.

Cosma Cannabis is already active in the cannabis market and if the deal goes through, the brand will remain. The Vabun logo will disappear.

“The conducted analyzes showed mutual complementation of the potential of both entities and the possibility of optimizing and reducing costs, as well as increasing the scale of operations thanks to the use of existing synergies” – indicates the management board of Vabun.

Subsequently, it is planned to go out with sales to other European markets and to introduce medical devices, including pharmaceutical raw materials, to the market.


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